Istanbul, Turkey, is where a young man named Coskun Simsek was born and raised. As with most people, he "found" music at a young age, and his music of choice is a melodic blend of deep and spiritual electronic dance music. Trying to constrain his music to one label or style would be to limit the music, and more importantly, the man. Coskun believes in a blissful musical journey full of twist and turns, peaks and valleys. A journey that wraps the listener in a world of sound with no beginning or end so they never feel like escaping it's hold over them. Mr. Simsek has begun a new show for FriskyRadio, and this sense of being trapped in a maze of sound is where the title for his new show arises. Come join in an epic journey through the far reaching and endless possibilities that modern electronic music provides. Let Coskun be your guide through his "Labyrinth"
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